Make Disciples Identity Sermon PageBIG IDEA OF MAKE DISCIPLES: IDENTITY: The mission of every church and every Christian is to make disciples of all nations. Why? Because Jesus has all authority and that’s exactly what He said to do. A disciple is someone who has received a new identity by grace from Jesus, through faith in Jesus. A disciple is someone who has been adopted into the family of God as God’s child. Why do people need to become disciples of Jesus? Because those who are not disciples are in the path of the wrath of God. How will people become disciples? By Christian’s being intentional to tell others the gospel and by the Holy Spirit’s life giving grace, who makes dead sinners alive in Christ when Christians tell people the gospel. Are you a disciple?


Make Disciples Activity SERMON PAGEBIG IDEA OF MAKE DISCIPLES: ACTIVITY: In Matthew 28, Jesus says for us to go and make disciples of all nations. What is a disciple? A disciple is someone who has received a new identity from Jesus that leads to new activity for Jesus. Disciples love Jesus and hate sin, obey Jesus and repent of sin, and disciples are on mission to make disciples. Everything in the disciples’ life stems from the fact that before they loved or obeyed Jesus, Jesus loved them and gave Himself up for them on the cross for their sin. Everything begins and ends with Jesus’ love and grace shown to sinners. Have you received the love of Jesus through faith? Are you a disciple?


LOVE CITIES sermon pageBIG IDEA OF LOVE CITIES: In Jeremiah 29, God tells His people how we are to think about our cities, how we are to relate to our cities, and what hope there is for cities. We are to think as exiles on a mission. This world is not our true home—our citizenship is in heaven—but we have work to do for God’s glory and our joy. We are to relate to our cities by loving them and being for them, seeking their welfare. However, the hope of cities is not man, but Jesus, who will one day ultimately make right what we have made wrong by our sin. Because Jesus died for sin and resurrected as conqueror of sin and death, He will one day usher in a new heaven and a new earth, creating a new city where those who trust Him will dwell with Him in ultimate welfare, forever.


PLANT-CHURCHES-HOME BIG IDEA OF PLANT CHURCHES: Jesus commands Christians to go and make disciples of all nations, but how are we going to fulfill such a daunting task? Like the early church, empowered by the Holy Spirit we seek to fulfill Jesus’ command by planting churches both locally and worldwide. We plant churches so more people will meet Jesus, be loved in Jesus, and mature in Jesus. We plant churches by training up and sending out pastors and by every Christian being goers and senders. It is worth it to work hard in planting churches because everything we give up in this life pails in comparison to being on Jesus’ mission, for Jesus’ glory, and the joy of all people. 


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