THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE: the depths of the gospel

The word gospel means good news that brings joy. But how good is it? How much of it is based on God and His action and how much depends on us and our response? These are important questions, and they have to do with depths of the gospel.

The Doctrines of Grace are like looking as far down into the beautiful ocean of the gospel as possible, at least this side of heaven. What we see inthesedoctrinal deeps should make us wonder and praise God for the grace given to us.

These Doctrines are succinct answers to questions like how bad off are we? did God choose us or do we choose him? how does anyone come to faith in Jesus? what did Jesus accomplish on the cross? and can I lose my salvation? These are serious questions every Christian will ask or be asked. Why not survey the Scriptures and see if God has answered them clearly? That’s exactly what the Doctrines of Grace seek to do.

If we humble ourselves as we look to the Scriptures, these doctrines will lower us to our knees yet lift our souls into the joy of heaven itself.