"Take it, it's yours"

Take it, it's yours

“Take it. It’s yours!” Do you remember this famous line from the blockbuster hit “Troy”? Achilles (Brad Pitt) yells this out to his fellow companions, exhorting them to, “Go and fight fearlessly, take the battle, take immortality. It’s yours for the taking!”

The counterintuitive thing about the gospel is that everything we could ever long for-everything the world tells us to fight for or is ours for the taking-is already accomplished in Jesus. Because Jesus in his life, death, and resurrection, accomplished for us all things that are good for us, we find everything our hearts are truly longing for in Him. The gospel calls us to do a different kind of taking than the world does. The world says, “Take it by achieving,” but the gospel says, “Take it by believing.” The gospel calls us to turn from our sin and self-righteousness to the once crucified and now living Jesus for redemption, forgiveness, salvation, worth, identity, and security.

My fear is that most Christians go through life trying to achieve certain goals or attain certain things that they think will fulfill them and finally give them the meaning, comfort, or reputation they’ve been longing for. (Granted, most the time this is a subconscious reality; it’s nothing that we would actually put into words. That means we need to be on guard all the more!).

When Jesus said, “It is finished,” He meant far more than “Ok, I’m done on the cross.” He meant that He has supremely succeeded for sinners, providing them with everything they are longing for-namely, a right relationship with God and all the blessings that come from being reconciled to Him by grace.

When you realize “It is finished,” and your faith is truly in Jesus-when you take it by believing-you will find that everything you’ve been trying to achieve your whole life is already yours in Christ.

Think about it.

FAMILY? Though you are a natural enemy of God because of your cosmic rebellion (sin), in Christ, God is your loving Father and Jesus your victorious Big Brother. Younger men are your sons and younger women your daughters. Older men are your fathers and older women your mothers. Those near your age are your brothers and sisters in Christ.

STATUS? You are an heir with Christ-His successes come to you as if you had succeeded like Him.

HEALTH? You will receive a new glorified body, never to be sick again, never to be tired, never to be affected by the wretched curses of sin again.

WEALTH? You’re blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, and you have the promise of your loving Father to take care of you.

SECURITY? You have a living Savior who always lives to intercede for you. Jesus has promised that He will never cast you out, never leave you nor forsake you, and that he will raise you up on the last day.

So, I say to you, non-Christian: stop trying to take it by achieving what the world is offering you. Look straight into the face of the sinless, once crucified, now living Jesus and take hold of Him-take it by believing. He will not refuse you. Everything you’ve been longing for and trying to achieve is already yours for the taking in Christ. Your sin is the real problem, and Jesus died to take sin out. Give him your sin and receive his righteousness through faith.

To all of us I say, concerning the gospel of Jesus and all the blessings that He gives, which flow from his gracious heart, “Take it. It’s yours!”


Always seeking your joy in Jesus,
Pastor Brett