Ekklesia Kids Volunteer Team

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June 16th- BIG KIDS = Pat & Caleb. LITTLE KIDS = Jessi & Alyssa.

June 23rd- BIG KIDS = Josh & Chase. LITTLE KIDS = Tristan & Sarah.

June 30th- BIG KIDS = Nate & Andy. LITTLE KIDS = Jenny & Emily

July 7th- BIG KIDS = Megan & James. LITTLE KIDS = McClain & Krystal

July 14th- BIG KIDS = Ryan & Caleb. LITTLE LIDS = Age & Kimberly

July 21st-  BIG KIDS = Jake & Kassy. LITTLE KIDS = ?

July 28th- BIG KIDS = Pat & Carter. LITTLE KIDS = Alyssa & Jessi.

August 4th- BIG KIDS = Josh & Chase. LITTLE KIDS = Tristan & Sarah.

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Ekklesia Kids Purpose

Ekklesia Kids exists to show kids that Jesus is the hero! This is accomplished by teaching the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in an age-appropriate way. We also seek to help equip parents to train their children in the gospel through providing them with Jesus-centered resources. Ultimately, the goal of Ekklesia Kids is to get kids excited about Jesus and to get families talking about Jesus together throughout the week.

Ekklesia Kids Core Values 

  • Gospel-Centered Bible Study
  • Gospel-Centered Love
  • Gospel-Centered Care
  • Gospel-Centered Honesty
  • Gospel-Centered Mission

EK Definition 

The purpose of EK is fulfilled as the EK Leader, volunteers, and parents work together to train up their children with the truth of the gospel as it pertains to all of life by:

1) Studying the Bible, discussing the Bible, and applying the truth of the Bible in each other’s lives.

2) Loving one another by praying for one another, encouraging one another in the gospel, listening intently to one another, and bearing one another’s burdens with willingness and patience.

3) Physically and Spiritually caring for one another especially in times of sickness or poverty or depression.

4) Being honest with one another by being transparent with your struggles, hardships, and doubts. Also, make it a regular practice to confess sin to one another and seek to repent of sin with the support of your group by the grace of God.

5) Living on mission together with Jesus to lead holy lives in response to the gospel of Jesus, reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus, and disciple the saved in the gospel of Jesus.

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Ekklesia Kids Volunteer’s need to 

  • Be regenerated and baptized believer’s in Jesus Christ
  • Be Covenant Members of Ekklesia Muskogee
  • Regularly read and study the Bible
  • Regularly spend time in prayer for yourself, your church, and others
  • Hold firmly the truth of the gospel
  • Be able to actively proclaim the gospel
  • Be committed to seeing kids grow into Jesus-lovers
  • Faithfully serve in the Ekklesia Kids Room each week that is designated to them
  • Be willing to prepare and teach the Bible Study with the provided curriculum for each time they serve in Ekklesia Kids Room on Sunday mornings
  • Undergo a background check to ensure the safety of the kids
  • Undergo CPR training to ensure safety for the kids
  • Stay dependent on Jesus for righteousness, the Spirit for strength, and the Father for provision

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