Galatians AVATARThe book of Galatians is dynamite. It is an explosion of joy and freedom. Why? Because it brings us face to face with the gospel. It’s very common in Christian circles to assume that “the gospel” is something mainly for non-Christians. We see it as a set of basic “ABC” doctrines that are the way in which someone enters the kingdom of God. We often assume that once we’re converted, we don’t need to hear or study or understand the gospel- we need more “advanced” material. But in this short letter, Paul outlines the bombshell truth that the gospel is the A to Z of the Christian life. It is not only the way to enter the kingdom, it is the way to live as part of the kingdom. Paul unpacks the truth that Jesus + Nothing = Everything. In this 14 week sermon series, Pastors Brett, Josh, and Nate will be preaching through the book of Galatians, hoping to unpack the God-glorifying, joy-increasing, life-giving truth that Jesus + Nothing = Everything.