#18 "Jesus and the Turn" Mark 8:27-37

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Mark 8:27-37


What is our purpose here, more importantly what was Christ’s purpose in coming here?  How were and are these both accomplished? Christ’s purpose in coming here is illuminated by Peter’s title for him, He is the Messiah and he has come to save the world, Jesus is the Christ. In the passage Jesus is saying, “Yes, I am who you’ve been longing and waiting for. I am the Warrior come to slay the dragon. I am the Prince come to kiss and awake the sleeping beauty. I am the King come to defeat evil and put all things right”. In Mark 8:31, Jesus is not just saying, “I have come to die” or “It’s inevitable that I’m going to suffer, be rejected, and be killed by these men.” Jesus is saying, “I have to suffer. I have to be rejected. I have to be killed. And I have to rise again.” Jesus is saying, “It’s absolutely necessary that I die. Your life, and the entire world for that matter, cannot be renewed unless I die”. This is how He accomplishes His purpose in coming here. We need this on a personal level because we don’t know how to love truly. We need it on a legal level because our sin’s debt must be paid. And we need it on a cosmic level because Hebrews 9:22 says “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”. If Christ has accomplished this for us then what does that mean our purpose here is? Jesus commands us to lose ourself in order to save ourself; to give our life for His sake and for the gospel’s. Scary but true. We will accomplish our purpose by seeing, trusting, and continually being moved by how Jesus suffered for us and has already defeated the only things we have to fear.


Q1: How, like Peter, are you judging Jesus?

Q2: What does this scripture say about God’s sovereignty?

Q3: What are some ways you can think of to truly love our local communities out of the love God has shown us?


Because Jesus went to a cross, we know…We are loved completely and needlessly. The Judge looks at us and says, “Justified.” The world’s authority can only kill us. And It would be our gain. If you are to live a life of purpose in following Jesus, it won’t feel safe, your risks will be high,you will undoubtedly suffer, and your joy will be full! Come and trust in the King and His cross. Come and follow Him to the cross. Amen.