#Jesus Reconciles His Church VIDEO

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Reconciliation is hard and necessary. If you’re in Christ, Jesus has already reconciled you to God and to his church by dying in your place for your sins. In light of the once-for-all reconciliation that Jesus accomplished on the cross, and will one day be brought to completion in eternity, we as Christians are to work hard at reconciling with each other today. There are at least nine questions that we need to ask ourselves in light of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18:15-20. These questions will help us reconcile with each other in a Jesus-exalting, joy-increasing way. Are you both in Christ? Did someone sin, or are they just annoying? Are you talking about them or tothem? Can you reconcile simply and in a private manner? If reconciliation is not happening, what Jesus-loving, mutual mediators could help? Has the problem escalated to making it formal? Are you on the same team? If not, love them by making the gospel clear to them. If they will not submit to the truth of the gospel, is it time to part ways?

When you sin, you can deny it, blame somebody else, excuse it, diminish it, hide it, punish yourself… or you can be forgiven in Christ and be reconciled to God and the church. When you’re sinned against, you can deny it, blame yourself, excuse it, diminish it, hide it, punish yourself or someone else… or you can face the sin, forgive the person, and work towards reconciliation by the grace of God.

Jesus Reconciles His Church