HOW TO GET RICH: Luke 12:13-21


Someone pray, asking God to help everyone understand the passage, apply it to our lives, and to love Jesus and love others. Read Luke 12:13-21 and discuss the following.


1. Study through Luke 12:13-21 together. What stands out to you and why?

2. Why do you think this man came to Jesus with this question (though it’s more of a demand, isn’t it)?

3. What is Jesus getting at when He says, “Man, who made me an judge or an arbitrator over you?” How does John 5:22-23, 30 shed light on Jesus’ answer to this man in Luke 12?

4. What is coveting? Why do you think Jesus says, “Take care, be on your guard” when it comes to coveting?

In the sermon, pastor Brett pointed out 4 questions that we should be prompted to ask ourselves from Luke 12 so that we may “take care” and “be on [our] guard against all covetousness.”
1) Am I trying to use Jesus or be used by Jesus? (verse 13)
2) Am I content? (verse 15)
3) What am I looking to for ultimate satisfaction? (verses 16-19)
4) Am I being a faithful steward or a foolish hoarder? (verses 20-21)

5. Which of these questions most challenge you and why? What would it have looked like for the man in verse 13 to want to be used by Jesus rather than seeking to use Jesus? What would it have looked like for the rich fool to be content rather than covetous? What would it look like for the rich fool to find his ultimate satisfaction in Jesus rather than in possessions? What would it have looked like for the rich fool to be a faithful steward rather than a foolish hoarder?

6. According to 2 Corinthians 8:9, how can we be “rich toward God” as Jesus says we need to be in Luke 12:21?


If at the center of your life is Jesus dying for you, giving himself, you’ll want to be used by Him and not use Him. If you get that Jesus became poor on the cross to give you eternal life, you can be content not covetous. If you see and trust that Jesus was spiritually drained so that you could be spiritually filled, you can be a generous and faithful steward of God’s stuff.