GOD JUDGES: Exodus 5-11


Someone pray, asking God to help everyone understand the passage, apply it to our lives, and to love Jesus and love others. Read Exodus chapters 5–11 and discuss the following.


1. Study through Exodus chapters 5–11 together. What stands out to you and why?

2. What do we learn about the nature of idolatry in Exodus 5:1-4? How does Paul help us further understand the nature of Idolatry in Romans 1:25?

3. Which Idols are you most tempted to look to for your worth, security, or identity? In what ways are you tempted to live as if God is inconsequential (unimportant) as Pharaoh did? 

4. According to Exodus 6:6 what does God do about Idolatry? 

5. Which of the first 9 plagues most stand out to you and why? What were these plagues showing both the Egyptians and the Israelites? see Exodus 7:17

6. How can God rightly judge Idolatry and yet redeem Idolaters at the same time? How does the cross of Jesus help us see how God redeems us through acts of judgement, just as He did in Egypt?