GENESIS: In the beginning…grace

The book of Genesis shows us far more than how God created the world. It shows us that God has always been operating as a gracious giver. From the creation of the world and Adam and Eve, to the calling of Noah and Abraham, to the steadfast love shown to all of Abraham’s descendants, God has always been revealing His love for us by pouring out His grace! The people we see in Genesis are not superheroes we are to imitate, nor are the stories moral-hammers pounding us into the people we should be. Rather the book of Genesis reveals our need for Jesus. Jesus is the true and better Adam, Able, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Jesus is the true Descendant of Abraham who will bless the world by becoming the true and better Ark bringing God’s people safely through the waters of judgement and giving them new life.

Over 10 weeks (January 5th-March 9th, 2014), Pastor Brett preached through the entire book of Genesis and focusing on the main points and people.

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