Ephesians: #1 In Christ VIDEO

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There are only two categories of human beings: those who are in Adam, and those who are in Christ. Are you in Adam or in Christ? If you are not in Christ, or don’t understand your true identity in Him, you will try and achieve your identity from creation rather than receive it from your Creator. This is idolatry. An idol is anything other than Jesus, that if you got it, you would be complete, or if you lost it, you would be destroyed.  Idols always promise great things, but they never deliver and they always leave you broken. Identity idols include such things as items, duties, others, longings, and sufferings. In Ephesians 1, Paul says that if you are in Christ, you can be faithful, you are blessed, you were chosen and made blameless, you are redeemed and forgiven, you can know the will of God, you are reconciled, you have an inheritance, you have hope, and you have the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians #1 In Christ 240p