The Father, Son, and Spirit (who God is)

We believe there is one God, the holy God of the Bible who is the Creator of mankind, the heavens and the earth and all of their inhabitants. He eternally exists as three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We have come to speak of this relationship as the “Trinity.” God the Father, Son, and Spirit have been experiencing perfect love, acceptance, community, and harmony forever. God is in no personal need of love, joy, acceptance, praise, or harmony from man or any creation, for he is already completely fulfilled in and of himself. Since God is in no need of anything, we conclude that he has created all things to give as well as receive. God is personal with himself and all of his creation. He is the sovereign Creator, Designer, Ruler, Governor, Savior, and King of mankind, the heavens and earth and all of their inhabitants.