The Gospel (what God provides) 

We believe the word Gospel means “good news that brings joy.” When an ancient king would conquer an enemy, he would send evangelists to all of the cities and have them proclaim a gospel. They would say “your king has fought for you and won the victory.” “It is finished!” “You are free!” Jesus came to the earth ultimately to purchase the gospel of God. The gospel is not advice, it is the good news that Jesus has fought and won, securing eternal joy for all who would believe.

Man stands in absolute need of salvation from sin and death. To be reconciled to God and to have a redeemed relationship with him we need to be perfectly righteous and we need to pay for our sin. The gospel is the good news that Jesus became a man and lived a righteous life without sin, so that we may be counted righteous, died a horrific death in our place on the cross, paying for our sin, and arose victoriously from death to life, conquering satan, sin, death and satisfying the wrath of God. The gospel is good news about what Jesus has already done to save sinners. The gospel is assurance of eternal joy for all who would come to Jesus by trusting in his performance in their place to reconcile them to Himself. It is the good news that Jesus is reconciling people, and this broken world and will one day “make all things new.” All of those whom Jesus saves will get to enjoy him forever, in his presence, in a new and redeemed earth, free from sin, free from death, beholding the glory of God. All because of what he has already done in his life, death, and resurrection, and because what he has promised to do at the end of history.