The Restoration (how God will make all things new) 

We believe Jesus will personally, gloriously, and bodily return with his holy angels, when he will exercise his role as final Judge, and his kingdom will be consummated. Both the just (those who have been saved by the finished work of Jesus) and the unjust (those who stand guilty before God because of their sin) will be resurrected in body and spirit— the unjust to judgment and eternal conscious punishment in hell, as Jesus himself taught, and the just to eternal joy in the presence of God, in the new heaven and the new earth, the home of righteousness. On that day the church will be presented faultless before God by the obedience, suffering and triumph of Jesus, all sin purged and its wretched effects forever banished. God will be all in all and his people will be enthralled by the immediacy of his indescribable holiness, and everything will be to the praise of his glorious grace.