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#14 "Jesus and the Water" John 4:1-26

Audio Download  –  Audio Listen  –  Notes  –  Community Group Discussion  –  iTunes Sermon: #14 “Jesus and the Water”   Text: John 4:1-26 Series: The King and His Cross   Date: 4/15/2012 Community Group Discussion: Read John 4:1-26 1: Jesus is sovereign over all. 2: Jesus is graciously purposeful in seeking and saving His sheep. 3: Jesus did […]

Easter 2012 "The Reality and Implications of the Resurrection" 1 Corinthians 15:1-26

Sermon: “The Reality and Implications of the Resurrection”   Text: 1 Corinthians 15:1-26 Series: Stand alone   Date: 4/08/2012 [audio:|titles=Brett Baggett – _The Reality and Implications of the Resurrection_ 1 Corinthians 15_1-26 – Easter Celebration, 4.8.12] Sermon audio download (click to download) Sermon audio listen (click to listen) Sermon notes (click to view and download)  

The King and His Cross 2012

Who is Jesus? This is likely the most debated question in the history of the world.  Jesus is the most famous man to ever live, as well as the most controversial. More books have been written about Jesus than anyone that’s ever lived. What did he do and what did he say? What do his words and his actions […]

WHAT IS THIS?  Good Friday is the day each year that Christians celebrate the fact that Jesus was crucified. But why? Why do Christians celebrate such a horrific death? The reasons are many, but the main point is this: On the cross, Jesus traded places with us. If our faith is in Jesus and what […]