#16 "Jesus and the Bread" John 6:28-40

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Sermon: #16 “Jesus and the Bread” Text: John 6:28-40
Series: The King and His Cross Date: 4/29/2012

Read John 6:28-40


There are two points of view of salvation in this text. There is 1) Man’s view, seen in verses 28-36, and then there is 2) God’s view, seen in verses 37-40. Man = certain failure in salvation; God = certain success in salvation.
We want to think that our salvation relies on the works we do, but in fact, our salvation is certain because God chooses us and gives us as a gift to Christ. Not based on the good works we do, because they are all but filthy rags before Holy God. The work of God we are to do is only to believe in Jesus Christ. Not just say it in a prayer, but by the grace of God we actually believe in Jesus as our redeemer.
Jesus purifies us, cleans us, makes us acceptable, and makes us beautiful by taking all of the things on himself that made us impure, dirty, unacceptable, and ugly. If God waited for us to come to Christ we never would, so he takes us and gives us to Him. Out of this truth the Holy Spirit works in and through us. Jesus saves us and keeps us, not our works or our choices. Praise God.


Meditate and pray over this together. Discuss any questions the Holy Spirit lays on your hearts.

Q1. How does it help you to see the salvation of man from God’s point of view? (John 6:37-40)

Q2. How should John 6:37 compel Christians to be fearless in evangelism (proclaiming the gospel to all)?

Q3. How can you know if you have been given to Jesus by the Father (and thus be kept, and raised on the last day)?


“Jesus said to them, ʻI am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst” (John 6:35).
If you come to him like this, you have been given to the Son. And if you have been given by the Father to the Son, you will be kept, And if you are kept, you will be raised on the last day.

Come. Come now. And come every hour of every day. Amen.