#15 "Jesus and the Stain" Mark 7:1-23

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Sermon: #15 “Jesus and the Stain”   Text: Mark 7:1-23
Series: The King and His Cross    Date: 4/22/2012

Read Mark 7:1-23
Religion is any set of principles or rules that, if followed correctly and earnestly, make you whole, complete, just, important, valuable…AKA “dung”. It is looking to anyone or anything other than Jesus Christ as the means by which you are pure, correct, fulfilled, secure, happy, joyful, complete, just, clean, valued, important, or enlightened.

Both Religion (of all sorts) and The Gospel agree that we humans each have has some sort of stain. We know deep down that we are supposed to be pure, clean, perfect, better than we are…this is why guilt, shame, depression, dissatisfaction, and the like, exist.

Q1: How are we “washing” ourselves with the dung of religion and trying to remove the stains of sin in our lives instead of trusting in the gospel, Christ’s work on the cross?

Q2: Where do we see religion attempting to shrink the Law of God down to a manageable list, belittling the Holiness of God? How do we combat this?

Religion communicates that people’s purity is dependent on their actions, so people put on a smile and act like they are fine no matter what. Jesus is the one that gives us a new heart! Jesus is the only that will remove our stain, because he took our stain on himself, lived, died, and resurrected! Praise God and amen!