#14 "Jesus and the Water" John 4:1-26

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Sermon: #14 “Jesus and the Water”   Text: John 4:1-26
Series: The King and His Cross   Date: 4/15/2012

Community Group Discussion:
Read John 4:1-26
1: Jesus is sovereign over all.
2: Jesus is graciously purposeful in seeking and saving His sheep.
3: Jesus did not cheat.
4: Jesus is the end of all nationalistic, racial, and social superiority.
5: Jesus has what we need.
6: Jesus graciously gives us what we need.
7: Jesus is the true and better Jacob.
8: Jesus is the all-satisfying, never-ending well of life.
9: Jesus knows our sin.
10: Jesus is the true prophet that brings about true worship.
11: Jesus is who we have been looking for all along.

—— Talk about any the Holy Spirit causes to stand out ——

Q1: What exactly do you find hard to swallow about Jesus being sovereign over all, all of what happens in the world and in our lives.

Q2: What is the gravity or importance of Jesus talking to the woman at the well? What does this mean for any human superiority complex?

Q3: Jesus knows our sin. What can we pray for together over each other, where are our current struggles hidden?

There is hope for the sexually immoral, broken, mislead, drunkard, drug addicted, felon, socially unacceptable, outcast, unloved, unwanted, jealous, weak, hurting, unclean, those who thirst for something more, and the not-understanding. God’s body was destroyed for us all, and praise God we will be redeemed and rise because his body was also risen for us. All for His glory. Not just here on earth but for His glory period. Go and smile to your father’s face and have a conversation with him, unhindered. There is nothing you did to earn His mighty grace and there is nothingyou, anyone else, oranything anyone else says that can take you from our God. Praise God forever. Amen.